In our busy life, it is almost impossible to manage everything. Have you ever wondered why some people manage to do everything, but others fail? What is their secret?

Did Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs have more time per day than you do? Of course, not! They just knew how to manage their time! We always can make time. It is all about how we manage it. 

First and foremost, let's figure out what time means? 

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”. - TheophrastusClick To Tweet

Time is one of the most expensive and non-renewable resources, which WE ALL possess. There is no such thing like a plenty of time as well as a lack of time. Do you think you don’t have enough time? I don’t believe you! Let's search for your time! To begin with, answer the following question:

  • How many times per day do check your mail box?

  • How many hours per day you have a “facebook minute”?

  • How often do you look at your mobile?

  • How much time do you spend on complaining or discussing the things of minor importance?

Still Counting? smiley Do you have a feeling that if you won`t check your mail box, twitter or facebook you will miss a lot? 

Solution - Tip 1: Reduce the amount of time spend on social nets! They are eating your time! + Filter the information you read on the Internet!

Distraction, Time Management & Productivity Tips

Moving further…

Answer with “Yes”  or  “No”:

  • Do you easily switch randomly from one task to another?

  • Do you have a feeling that you work too much, but manage to do just several things?

  • Are you constantly busy, but don’t feel that you are productive?

  • Do you feel that your time is spent on the wrong things?

Solution - Tip 2: Prioritize and concentrate on the most important things. One task at a time.

Concentrate on one task at a time, Time Management and Productivity

Now you probably think: which task at what time. In order to get there, you might need a to-do list, or you already have one? It is impossible to keep everything in memory without writing down the things. It is impossible to do it efficiently!

To-do list: what’s in it for you? 

To-do lists are especially useful when you need to do a lot of small things or you need to organize your day to accomplish everything you planned.

Finding the right one it is a highly personal thing! I suggest trying out different ones to find out which suits your lifestyle. By the way, if you already use some of them or have your favorite to-do list tool, which I did not mention, share with us your impressions in the comments. 

Solution - Tip 3: Make a to-do list – organize your life!

To Do List, Time Management & Productivity Tips

Now we have a to-do list.

Tell me honestly: What is in your “to-do list” that you don’t want to do? Cleaning the house, making an unpleasant call, going to the dentist and so on. You better know what it is for you. Whatever is it, eat that frog! The so-called “frog” is the most important task of yours, the one that you don’t want to do and most likely will postpone. Brian Tracy cuts to the nitty-gritty in his self-help book Eat that Frog and gives 21 practical steps to get more done in less time.

Solution - Tip 4: Stop procrastinating! Eat your “Frog”.

Eat That Frog, Time Management & Productivity Tips

Think for a moment: how many hours per day do you spend

  • at work?

  • for sleep?

  • for rest?

  • for sport?

How many hours would you like to devote to those and other activities?

There are different spheres in our life. There are different scientific approaches to the number of these areas. Relationships, health, self-development, spirituality, career, hobbies, and interests are some of them. Common knowledge is that they are interconnected and if you stop paying attention to one of them sooner or later you feel the consequences. Of course, you cannot pay the same attention to each category, but you can create a healthy balance.

Solution - Tip 5: Set a healthy life balance!

Create a Healthy Balance, Time Management & Productivity Tips

Do you know some magic words, which can help you with time management? What do you think they are? “Please” and “Thank you”? Maybe! Not excluded!

But there is ONE WORD, which really does magic! Successful people already know that word.

It is “No!”

Did you notice that saying “no” saves you a lot of time? Do you want to know what Steve Jobs thinks about saying “No”? Check here:


“We must say "no" to what, in our heart, we don't want. We must say “no.” - Suzette HintonClick To Tweet

Solution - Tip 6: Say “No”! Save your time!

Unfortunately, lost time will never come back to you. Fortunately, you still have a chance to change your situation and use your time productively. Unfortunately, it is impossible to embrace in one article all the necessary tips and steps on the way to manage your time. Fortunately, while mulling over the working tips about managing time I came up with 2 bonus tips:

1) If you really want to manage your time read about it!

Many successful people already shared their techniques, methods and tactics on time management for different purposes. Here a few of the best books: 

If you are too busy to read it or you don’t have an opportunity- don’t read! Listen to it! Listen to audio books! The big plus of audio books is that you can listen to them wherever you are. Waiting for a friend, traveling in the train, stuck in the traffic, running in the morning – listen! Spend every minute productively! Another big plus is that you can do two things simultaneously: cooking and listening to audio books, cleaning your house and still listening to the audio books!

2) If you are interested in the training or courses you don’t need to spend your time on going to the course! You can do it without getting out of your room!

In the era of technology, we have an access to everything! You don’t need to spend either time or money to get to the training center. You can do it online! Simple in usage, flexible in time and comfortable learning environment!

Here are the TOP 10 Time Management Courses:

Do you use any other methods to manage time? Which time management techniques to do consider to be a success?

If you liked this article, I would really appreciate if you leave a comment or share it!  


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May you have a successful day! 


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