How often do you hear this word “stress”, and how little you know about it. What is stress?

In a simple phrase: stress is a splash of the accumulated negative emotions. As it turned out stress is an indispensable part of our life: from our birth till our death. The bad news about stress is that you cannot get rid of it. The good news about stress is that you can manage stress. How?

Let's ponder over the causes of the stress: What are the main reasons for YOU to feel stressed?

Answer 3-W questions:

  1. When do you feel stressed?  ( Time of the day /month/ year)
  2. Where  do you feel stressed? ( At home/at work/at university)
  3. What is the main trigger? (People/ things/ environment)

As a matter of fact, all the things in life are interconnected. If you found yourself to be stressed everywhere or almost all the time - that’s possible. If you are stressed at work the probability that you will feel irritated or nervous at home is very high.

You need to do so many things and sometimes it feels like the stress is increasing, isn't it? The right question is: how to manage it?

1. Time management

Did you notice that you feel less stressed when you know what and when you should do? It is still might be not pleasant, but you are already prepared to do it. Planning helps prevent stress (to a certain extent) and structure your day. Find out the effective and simple tips about .Stress and Time Management  

But life is so unpredictable. Everyone has its own challenges in life. No matter how good you plan your day and maybe even your life, from time to time you may be stressed. In any case, it is inevitable. And you should know how to deal with it.

Here are a few ways to relieve stress:

2. Self-motivation.

Do you know that feeling when some negative thoughts try to invade into your peaceful life? Then you start to think: “I cannot do this”. “Everything goes wrong”. “I am a bad person”. “I will never get through it.” These and other negative thoughts only increase your stress. Why not try to calm down and find that power in you to say instead:

“I CAN do it”. “Everything will be ok. Things could be worse”. “I am a good person". "Everyone makes mistakes”. “I will deal with it. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.”

You are what you think and what you believe.

“Encourage yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself. Never doubt who you are.” - Stephanie LahartClick To Tweet

3. Appreciation.

It sounds very obvious and maybe as old as the world but staying positive is the best weapon against stress and negative energy around you.

Let's awake your positive thoughts. Now fall to thinking and find 3 good reasons to be happy today. I will start with myself:

1. I am in good spirits. (In the moments when I suffer from headaches or other pain I feel really grateful and happy that today I feel good)

2. I have a family (some people dream about having parents or getting married or having brother or sister; I feel unconditionally happy that I have my family)

3. The weather is great (when it is rainy or cloudy it influences my mood and health. Today I feel really happy about such a nice and sunny day)

Did you find 3 reasons to be a happy person today? I am sure you have it too.

4. Anti-perfectionism.

A desire to make everything good is normal. A desire to make everything perfect is unrealistic.Click To Tweet

The more you try to do everything in a perfect way the more you fail and the more disappointed you get. Thus, perfectionism can be a source of negative thoughts.

There is a tiny huge difference between making things “better” and “perfect”. A wish to become better and grow belongs to the “growth mindset” and a wish to make everything “either perfect or not to make at all” belongs to the fixed mindset. Carol Dweck in her brilliant work throws some light on a new branch of psychology – Psychology of Success and allows her mind to dwell upon fixed and growth mindset. Don't wait for a perfect moment!  

5.  Relaxation.

Do you feel like you do anything but not what you want to do? When was the last time you did something that relaxing?

Do you have any hobby? Go for it! What is it: dancing, painting, reading, knitting, climbing, swimming?

Don't have any? Go find it!  

The best way to deal with stress is to express negative emotions. So, why not to express it in something that you like doing, ha? 

Listening to music, doing yoga, meditation and going for a walking can be very therapeutic.

6.  Healthy lifestyle.

Stress Management - Healthy Food and Lifestyle

To-do list for stress relief:

  • Eat healthy food. It doesn’t mean not to eat tasty food. There are a lot of delicious and easy-to-learn-and-cook recipes which you can do at home.
  • Sleep enough. To feel energetic your body requires not less than 7-8 hours per day. How many hours per day do you sleep? Do you feel like it is enough?
  • Do sports: Latin proverbs states: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”). In is not a secret that people who do workout regularly or take sports feel themselves healthier and happier. If you devote at least 20 minutes every day you will feel yourself much better soon. It has never been easier to do it than in the era of the internet. You don't need even to get out of your apartment! 

Of course, thinking positively, doing exercise and working on yourself require something: your wish and your will power. Some people choose the “easier” way – they try to deal with stress in the wrong direction and resort smoking, drinking, taking drugs and other methods of escaping from reality. As a result these ways of “managing stress” only aggravate the situation:

Smoking doesn’t calm you down. Drinking doesn’t make you a happier person. Using drugs doesn’t give you some superpower. But even if it does, everything comes with a price. Life is a very expensive teacher. Mostly we pay with health and time. These things, as you know,  never come back…

Stress Management - Healthy Life Balance

Before consulting the best psychologists in town or going to the chemist`s to buy a new depressant read this well-written piece of psychological literature by Richard Carlson  ““. 

And actually, you can help yourself!

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Having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management. - Marilu HennerClick To Tweet

Each of us wants to live a long, happy and meaningful life. We should reduce stress and don’t let it take the precious minutes of our life.

How do you think: what is the best way to manage stress? How do YOU deal with stress? 


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